Xtra Pet

Create an amazing pet, choosing from a variety of body parts and colors. Care for your pet until it grows old. If you take good care of your pet you will be able to share a photo of your pet with your friends. Keep your pet in the side bar while doing something else so you can see when it needs you. This game was made for the Construct Windows 8 competition December 2012


  • Share integration
  • 3 different enviroments for your pet
  • Feed, groom, and play with your pet.
  • Use the music box to help your pet sleep, or wake it up

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5 March 2015

It won't work and is really not good!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠


15 October 2014

this gam is not wat its expected don't download


12 July 2014

this game is nothing just look at the characters looks like a 3 yr old drew it. this is a waste of time and this game is really boring even my 5 yr old cuzin was bored just woow


16 April 2014

I don't recommend this game. Its really boring, and no different levels. and I was stuck in some winter wonderland and I didn't want that.


3 April 2014

Draws like a totaler look's stupid don't get this game


17 March 2014

This game is boring! 👿😐


14 March 2014

its not that great cause I keep over feeding my pet and he wont' die witch is kinda annoying.


15 February 2014

Its soooo ugly and I agree I can even draw om nom and it draws like a.... a...1 year old!!! dumb.


10 February 2014

It has nothing to do and the pets look weird. HORRIBLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 February 2014

I thought the pets were going to be cute but instead, they were super ugly and... I just have no other words than: DON'T INTALL THIS APP!

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