Yerevan Daily

Yerevan Daily comes packed with a full set of features giving you access to the latest news, jobs, currency rates and weather forecast for Yerevan city. Use Yerevan Daily on your Windows and Windows Phone device and easily browse, read and share all the essential news quickly and easily while on the move. See the current weather and 5 day forecast as well as read latest job posts and be aware of currency rate changes.


  • Accurate weather data and quick 5 day forecast
  • Last updated currency with detailed information
  • Latest actual news and job posts
  • Apply for a job directly from the app
  • Share any interesting news

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17 December 2014

Great App, has all the information that I need in one place. I use this app more on my phone, however it's good to know that I can now also check on my pc. To the developer, please keep up the great work.