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    Updated the store description. Updated the store logo. Added the ability to swap the units in the saved conversions. Added unit symbols to some of the conversion units. Added 'Energy' conversion category + a couple of other conversions within existing categories. Revamped the options screen to make it easier to use.


YourConverter can convert over 140 different units of measurement across 16 categories. With YourConverter, you can customise your favourite conversions for immediate access as soon as you open the app - no more messing around in order to convert those units you use on a regular basis. You can even hide those unit conversions that you'll never actually need, so it is customised to your preference. All of this in a native interface that is simple to use, yet powerful and beautiful.


  • Convert 140+ units across 16 categories.
  • Save your favourite conversions.
  • Hide conversions you don't want to use.
  • Round your answers automatically to any length you choose.
  • Fully featured and tailored snapped and portrait views.

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22 July 2014

when trying to convert the temp from F to C, tried giving the -ve number and it is auto correcting to +ve number.


16 April 2014

I mostly convert torque and this one only has two different units to convert between. Very lame.


7 January 2014

When trying to convert negative temperatures the conversion does not work. The negative sign is dropped and the result is an incorrect temperature conversion from Deg F to Deg C.


12 June 2013

Easy to use and works well. The only thing it lacks as far as I'm concerned is conversion from grains to other weight units--as a firearms enthusiast (and there are a lot of us out there) I do a lot of measuring in grains, and it's sometimes handy to know how that translates.


3 June 2013

The app does a great job with converting units accurately. It especially shines in the data section, distinguishing between SI base 2 and base 10 prefixes. However, some units are not present, such as Rankine, Romer, Reamur, Newton, and Delisle (all temperature units, spelling maybe wrong here) and the electron volt. It also lacks currency conversions (this may be harder to implement due to daily changes), In short: the functions that it has works great, it just needs more functions.


18 May 2013

Program is a bit shallow. I need Flow conversions frequently. Gpm (us) to Gpm (Imp) to M^3/Hr (Metric). If there were an option to allow custom conversions, I could add my own, and others could too.


18 April 2013

for basic conversions, this app is fine. However, it is has a lot of limitiations. No number formatting. No copying to the clipboard the results (or name of units). No search for units. No exponential/scientific notation for dealing with extremely large or small numbers. popup keyboard hides the buttons...


16 April 2013

Simple and neat interface. Good app..


31 December 2012

Very good converter. Recommended!


29 December 2012


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