This application provides you with all information about animals( their number, types, etc...), Also, this application help you to learn how to bring up and how to take care and look after your pets. This app supplies you with pets market (To buy and sell). Generally it's your way to bring up, buy, sell, find the pet that suit your possibilities Developed By : Mostafa Mamdoh


  • Buy or Sell animal

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29 June 2014

Very good job, The app is really fun and useful, But it's only missing one thing, Videos for each animal and more picture for it, And please use higher resolution pictures because the present ones are pixelated. Great job :)


22 June 2014

I like the app , and the idea , the design is very cool and the font , but u have to work more on the pictures to be more attractive , keep it updated


7 June 2014

1- try to provide more pictures for the animals , and maybe their sounds if possible , Great Job and Good Luck.


9 May 2014

What a nice app! I really love it ,love the idea, the design, the logo .. you really made hard working.. what about providing this app with sounds?? I think it will be more interesting ..So wonderful.. please keep it updated usually...


5 May 2014

تطبيق رائع ♥


4 May 2014

I like this app. ;) this is good :) GOOOOO ON ;) Your app inspired me ... and motivate me to buy a pet.


25 April 2014

the app brings out a variety of interesting information about animals (kelmeteen 7elween)