Zombie Death Trap

Play the Game to Prepare Yourself for The Ze-Day, The Day of Zombie Outbreak!! Learn How to Stay Alive to Rescue Your Family and Friends!! This Game is inspired by the story that is published in The Daily Ximes about the Ze-Day, The day of Zombies Outbreak on Earth in 2020 A.D. It tells about the Zombies who come from unimaginable world to make the life on Earth miserable. The human mankind needs a savior to rescue them from these evil beings. You will be the Next Legend on Earth if you win this battle. You must kill all the Zombies who are trying to attack you. Defeat only means your death and you will rise as a Zombie next time!! GAME PLAY: - Some shooting secrets are hidden for enthusiastic players under Multi-Touch controls in the game. - Let us see if you can expose them!! For Windows 8 Tab - Movement of player is on joystick in all directions - Rotation of camera is by swipe on screen. - Change weapon and fire by tapping its button. For Windows 8 PC - Firing is on right click. - Rotation of camera is on movement of mouse. - Change weapon by scrolling middle mouse button. - By pressing I key Show you instruction of game in windows. KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Zombies are the dead-beings who want to consume life. They are deadly flesh-eating creatures and have the appearance of a living being but their lack of free will and souls give them the appearance of emotionless machines. They are incapable of speech but often tend to make moaning and deep low sounds. They have blank and expressionless faces that become more vigorous when they get hungry and engage in a vicious bloodlust. Their endless desire to consume human flesh seems to be their only motive for existence. The only good thing to know about them is that they are not immortal. You will destroy them today before you sleep. But do not forget that: • Zombies do not sleep. • They do not feel pain. • They are extremely restless. • They have pale complexion and poor body hygiene which is covered in blood. • They cannot be scared because they have no fears. • They will see you and kill you without being intimidated by your weapons. • You cannot talk to them and they don’t communicate with each other as well. This is a 3D Game. It portrays all real world Zombies which are He-Zombies, She-Zombies and Big Fat Zombies. They are walking towards you all the times and they will attempt to kill you. The Big Fat Zombies appear only after a certain number of other Zombies are killed. The walking Zombies take less damage and can be killed in one shot whereas the Big Zombies take more assault. WEAPONS: The goal in the Zombie Death Trap is to target and destroy all the Zombies and protect yourself as you make your way out of the Death Trap. You have three types of weapons for your defense. These are a Pistol, a Shotgun and a Riffle. There is an unlimited amount of ammunition available to you. These arms and ammunition is your only survival kit against the Zombies attack. ACTION PLAY: The player can move in all four directions on ground using the soft Joy-pad that is shown on the touch screen. This Joy-pad is at the lower left side of the screen. The player can use left hand thumb to slide and swipe on the screen. Vertical scroll is for moving ahead or retreat. Horizontal scroll is for moving or turning left or right. You can also tap, double tap or press and hold on the screen to discover more maneuvers. The Gun Fire Control System (GFCS) is shown on the lower right side of the touch screen. The player can use right hand thumb to tap on the screen to fire the gun as well as to swap between the available weapons. This is quick firing and you don’t have to load and pull the gun. Simply tap on the screen to gun down any Zombies that come in front of you. The firing is windows Audible Synchronized Shooting that gives you a blazing gunshot experience. Only piece of advice at this point is that, stick to your guns and don’t jump it. All the movements and actions are in real time and the maneuvers are very fast. They work excellent on all windows phones. You can feel the top Action Play as you learn to play with the fine line of controls. The game ends once all the Zombies are finished or the health limits of player falls below permissible combat level.


  • Realistic game play
  • Easy to play
  • Very realistic

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6 June 2015

Experimentando em 3...2...1


10 May 2015

It might be good for computers but you can barely shoot if you have touch screen