Zombie Survive

Zombie Survive is our new gloomy and dark survival horror. This awesome sidescrolling game about zombies can not leave anyone indifferent. Think of how to survive in the post-apocalyptic world for the beautiful young girl surrounded by brain lovers! Do you think it's easy? Check and prove your logic. Save the heroine in Zombie Survive as fast as you can. Your task is to pass the level and get to the shelter otherwise the walking deads will eat your brains! The higher the level is, the more difficult to win. Are you ready to challenge the undeads? Then go ahead! How to play: gameplay is very simple, you can move only from left-to-right and right-to-left. You need to solve the puzzles and avoid zombies. Be careful, if they catch you, the game will be over. You should tap on the right place to solve the puzzle: tap on the lever to turn it, tap on heavy objects to drop them on the head of a zombie, tap on desired object to push it, etc. Sometime you will need to tap twice or even thrice.The level is divided into several screens, each screen has unique challenge, solve the task on the first screen to go to the next.Try to do everything quickly and accurately, because zombies are moving to you, and if you don't have enough time solve the riddle, they will catch you. Download our new apocalyptic solemn game Zombie Survive and help to survive a young girl right now!


  • Throwback to the classic games of 1980s
  • Mysterious and dark grim atmosphere
  • Several screens in every level
  • A lot of difficulty levels
  • Various scary locations
  • Cartoon graphics